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Porsche 911 Retro Backdate


Whilst restoring classic Mercedes-Benz and Jaguar is our speciality and forté, we’re in the fortunate position as a business to have the expertise and skilled craftsmen on hand to be able to tackle almost any project, from the Austin Healey we restored here - click me - to the Lotus Europa that left our premises earlier this Summer. We’ve been wanting to do a 911 backdate for some time, and were thrilled when the perfect opportunity recently presented itself. Our chosen donor car is the ever popular 964 series of 911, a good candidate due to Porsche having introduced ABS and power steering to the model for the first time upon its release in 1989. This particular car is finished in Slate Grey, and is the colour we will be retaining. The plan includes fitment of wider arches – crafted from steel, rather than fibreglass or GRP – Fuchs style wheels and retro bumpers in keeping with a period early 70s’ 911, plus many other smaller changes and intricate details. This particular car will be built as a demonstration model and the backdate conversion is something we intend to be able to offer to clients as a bespoke package in the near future. To keep up to date with this project's progress and many others, be sure to follow our Instagram page here.

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