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2005 TVR T350 T 4.0


The TVR T350t established itself as a distinctive sports car recognised for its high-performance capabilities and bold design. Unveiled in the early 2000s, the T350t quickly gained acclaim for its exhilarating driving experience.

Characterised by a striking exterior, the T350t reflects TVR's dedication to crafting visually unique vehicles. Its low-slung profile, sleek lines, and pronounced wheel arches impart a sense of speed and power. Notably, the two-seater coupe stands out with its iconic "Targa" top, allowing for an open-air driving experience whilst not compromising overall structural rigidity.

Beneath the surface, the T350t boasts a formidable powertrain, typically housing a mid-mounted 3.6-liter inline-six engine that delivers substantial horsepower. This, combined with a lightweight chassis, results in impressive acceleration and top speeds.

Designed with a focus on rigidity and agility, the T350t's chassis enhances handling and responsiveness. The suspension system strikes a balance between comfort and performance, solidifying the car's reputation as an exciting sports car both on the road and the track.

Inside the cabin, the T350t offers a minimalist yet luxurious environment, employing high-quality materials like leather and aluminium. The driver-centric cockpit ensures a strong connection to the driving experience, featuring intuitive controls and supportive seating.

Renowned for its thrilling performance, the T350t accelerates rapidly from 0-60 mph in around 4 seconds, showcasing its race car pedigree. Precise steering, responsive handling, and powerful brakes contribute to a confident and controlled driving experience.

Noteworthy features of the T350t include its manual transmission, providing enhanced driver engagement. The car's distinctive exhaust note adds to the sensory experience, producing a thrilling and raw sound.

The T350t, embedded in TVR's rich heritage, continues the brand's legacy of high-performance, hand-built sports cars. Its connection to the brand's history appeals to enthusiasts appreciative of TVR's unique approach to automotive design and engineering.

This stunning TVR T350t, currently available at Hilton & Moss, is a true gem boasting a unique combination of rarity, meticulous care, and numerous upgrades.

This particular TVR T350t is a standout rarity, being one of only 70 ever produced, making it arguably one of the rarest TVRs on the market. Its unique status is further emphasized by its history, having spent the years 2015-2021 basking in the South of France's warmer climate.

In 2019, Str8six conducted a comprehensive health check on the car, discovering a rare and surprising feature: the engine was not the standard 3.6 litre but a robust 4.0-litre engine, adding an extra layer of uniqueness to an already rare model. The engine was given a thorough inspection and refresh, receiving a new water pump, chains, and halftime bearings.

With just 47,650 miles on the odometer, this T350t comes with a commendable service history, showcasing a commitment to upkeep. Any necessary maintenance has been diligently carried out, ensuring the car's optimal performance.

The TVR T350t features a stunning Lotus Laser Blue metallic paint finish, complemented by silver spider alloys for a distinctive and attractive appearance. The interior has been upgraded with Tuscan seats, body colour-coded seat backs, and improved Targa latches for added comfort and style.

Several performance enhancements have been integrated into the T350t, including freshly refurbished Nitron suspension, an ACT full carbon fibre airbox with trumpets, and ACT Blue Silicone Hose with stainless steel water pipes. The upgraded Sagaris front brake discs and pads contribute to improved stopping power, and the Red Rose Big bore pipes and TVR Power Sports cans exhaust enhance the car's distinctive sound.

This T350t comes with a range of additional features, such as an upgraded LCD dash screen for better visibility, air conditioning for comfort, and alloy components like a radiator and washer bottle. The Ferrari Crackle red cam cover adds a touch of style under the hood.

Notably, this T350t is recognized within the TVR Car Club, having been cared for by owners renowned for keeping their cars in pristine condition, attesting to the vehicle's exceptional maintenance and care.

In summary, the TVR T350t available at Hilton & Moss is a rare and meticulously maintained sports car with a unique history and a host of performance and aesthetic upgrades. With its limited production, surprising 4.0-litre engine, and a list of enhancements, this T350t offers a truly special and exhilarating driving experience.

Available for viewing and demonstration now at our Bishops Stortford showroom.


  • Make TVR

  • Model T350

  • Year 2005

  • Mileage 47,650 mi

  • Colour Blue

  • Price £37,995

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