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Lotus Elise S2 Supercharged


The Elise S2 remains one of the most popular British sports cars. Within the vast model range, the S2 Supercharged represents the last of the line and is one of the most desirable Elise’s available.

The team at Hilton & Moss were delighted to complete such a sizable project on this incredible Elise SC, which has had just one owner from its first delivery in 2009. After regular use, the car had begun to show its age and with prices climbing, the first and only keeper - a long-term customer of ours - wanted to entirely refresh the car and give it a new deserved lease of life.

Over its 14-year life, the car had picked up various areas of bodywork damage and most panels required specialist fibreglass repairs. After such long ownership, the customer decided it was time for a change and a full body respray including colour change was chosen.

The car was entirely stripped down with both front and rear clams removed. The fibreglass could then be correctly and professionally repaired from behind. At this stage, the team could also gain access to all the hard-to-reach areas which needed to be colour-matched.

With our in-house paint shop, we were able to provide the customer with a broad range of colour samples. It was decided that the original solid red paintwork was to be replaced by C219, a three-stage pearlescent yellow. Although later in production, this was a genuine, rare special order Lotus colour.

The car was fully reassembled with new weather seals, trims and stainless fixings. The result is a paint job and finish arguably better than when the car was new.

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