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13 July 2023|News

What’s the benefits of using a manufacturer-approved repairer?

Historically, UK motorists have spent a lot of time in their cars, be it for pleasure, leisure or business. Whether it’s travelling the length and breadth of the country, or short trips to the shops, school and office. Our cars give us independence, freedom and convenience that can’t be rivalled. After our homes, our cars can be our next biggest purchasing decision and therefore require much thought and consideration. This extends to deciding on who to care for our vehicle when unfortunate incidents occur. It can be devastating when accidents happen, no matter how serious and whether there is injury involved or not. We think you’d want your vehicle to be repaired by someone who will ensure its return to a pre-accident state. Wouldn’t you?

Why choose manufacturer-approved repairers?

Manufacturer-approved repair centres have very close links with the company that built your vehicle from the top down and, as such, their combined knowledge, skillset, expertise and specialist tools equip them better than anyone else to restore your car to the highest of standards. To even achieve approved status is a task in itself. Repairers must prove they can not only uphold the manufacturer’s repair standards but also provide the same level of customer service and guarantees, from premises befitting the brand and using the very most suitable equipment for the job.

Approved staff will be trained by factory experts, to learn about every inch of your car, from taking the elements apart to putting them back together again. Training at the source also allows technicians to learn about paint processes and problem-solving as it would be handled by those who assembled the car in the first place. They will also learn how to treat the genuine parts that they are required to use as part of their approved status – parts that will have been through rigorous testing to ensure their utmost safety.

Advantages of manufacturer-approved repairs

  • We believe the advantages of choosing a repairer affiliated with your car brand cannot be underrated, and here’s why:
  • We use only parts made specifically for your vehicle. 
  • Our paint schemes are also approved by your manufacturer.
  • You can be safe in the knowledge that any work we do will be warranty-compliant.
  • Our staff are trained to factory standards and receive regular refresher training.
  • Your vehicle will be returned to you in pre-accident condition.
  • Know that your vehicle performance and safety are of utmost importance to us.
  • Repairs are guaranteed for life.
  • Courtesy cars are complimentary and on-brand.

Insurance-approved repairs

Choosing an insurance-approved repairer may be a cheaper option, for your insurer, but they don’t have to drive your vehicle – only you do. Only you will have your safety and the safety of others you drive at heart. So it makes sense to choose a repairer who can offer you all the benefits of the above and who chooses quality over costs. 

Manufacturer-approved vs Insurance-approved

Why choose Hilton Coachworks?

Indeed, it’s a known fact that work carried out by manufacturer-approved companies like Hilton Coachworks results in fewer secondary repairs, saving you valuable time and giving you more peace of mind in the long term.

We’ll also make the repair service as seamless as possible, providing you with a familiar car to use while yours is with us, and keeping the headache of an accident to a bare minimum. Throughout the process, we refer to manufacturer standards to make sure everything we do is of comparable quality to that you’d find at the factory, so we can return your vehicle to you as good as new. 

And finally, with manufacturer approvals behind us, you can also be comfortable knowing that any warranty or PCP will continue to be upheld. A genuine repair guarantee will include all those extras, such as paints and parts, as well as the repairs themselves. If you’d like to talk to us about this, or any other area of your repairs, please do get in touch: Get an Estimate

What’s the benefits of using a manufacturer-approved repairer?